Work is GOOD and Where You Do It MATTERS | Flip Howard | Episode #131

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Flip Howard is a dynamic entrepreneur and Catholic leader who truly serves as a role model for Catholic husbands, fathers, and now grandfathers.  

Flip arrives in style, bringing his private-label blended whiskey to share with the BeatiDudes in an episode that begins with a recall of great pranks before moving into Flip’s entrepreneurship journey. Early in his career, Flip started a laundry servicing company on college campuses and tells an amazing story about the competitor he bought out, who years later went on to start the global brand Tom’s Shoes.

Flip then talks through the arch of his successful upscale co-working company, Lucid Private Offices.  In addition to serving as a professional and welcoming workspace for small businesses, Lucid Private Offices are also the home of The BeatiDudes and Undivided Life.

As the Lucid Private Office tagline goes, “Work is good. Where you do it matters.”

Thanks to his faith-filled upbringing that was nurtured by his mother and his ongoing formation through great institutions like Franciscan University in Steubenville, Flip has always looked for ways to grow great businesses while trusting and glorifying God throughout it all.

On Blessed are the Joke Makers, the Dudes must take on the persona of a Movie Villain to address the prompt, “The 11th plague is going to be _______.”

The TBD Question of the Day – Who is the speaker you always get excited to hear?

The show ends with a surprise party with little Flip Howard confetti cutouts falling from the sky. Check out the video version of the show for this “can’t miss” ending.

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