Wife’s Witness in Death Inspires New Healthshare Ministry | Chris Faddis | Episode #055

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Episode #055

Title:Wife’s Witness in Death Inspires New Healthshare Ministry | Chris Faddis | Episode #055


On Easter Sunday, 2011, Chris Faddis’ late wife Angela was admitted to the hospital after an emergency room visit revealed a large mass in her colon and multiple masses in her liver. The diagnosis was stage IV metastatic colon cancer, with no chance of a cure. Upon doctors informing the couple of the news, Angela’s words to Chris were, “Jesus still rose, so we will trust.”

Her witness in death inspired Chris and his friend Dr. John Oertle to launch Solidarity HealthShare, a national not-for-profit ministry that provides an affordable and ethical alternative to fund healthcare costs while protecting and practicing Catholic beliefs. Chris shares the ups and downs of getting Solidarity off the ground and enjoys many laughs and some singalongs with the BeatiDudes throughout it all.

Chris is married to Jennifer, and they have five beautiful children.

On Blessed are the Joke Makers, the Dudes must take on the persona of the world’s greatest salesperson to address the prompt, “Jesus specialized in ______ before his public ministry.” Paul delivers a mic-drop moment for the ages.

The TBD Question of the day - “What is a time in your life that you wish you could do over?”

The show concludes in true Reverse Simpsons fashion when Chris and the Dudes go head-to-head in a grip-strength competition.

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