FATHER's Loving Care | with Branding Expert Alex Trevino | Episode #034

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Episode #034

Title:FATHER's Loving Care | with Branding Expert Alex Trevino | Episode #034


Alex Trevino is a strong Catholic husband, father, and businessman. He is also the founder and president of a film production company called Project Thirty-Six.  

On Blessed are the Joke Makers, Alex joins the Dudes by taking on the persona of a penny-pinching cheapskate to finish the prompt, “Next on Catholic radio, we will be talking about _______”

Alex shares the details of his loving family, which includes four kids on Earth and one in Heaven after losing a baby during pregnancy just seven months earlier. This is Alex’s first time sharing the story of their loss publicly, and he beautifully expresses the sadness, healing, and recovery that is underway in his family.  

Alex never imagined that visiting a child’s gravesite would become a routine part of every Sunday. Alex encourages anyone facing grief to seek help, and the Dudes share more about resources that are available, including Red Bird Ministries.

This show highlights perseverance and the Father’s loving care.  

Gabriel Joseph - Pray for us.

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