What is Your God Task? | Robert Tunmire | Episode #130

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Robert Tunmire from Heroic Men is back for a bonus episode about ensuring we get up each day and put in our 10% to match the 90% that comes through the Holy Spirit.

Joining forces with Tim Grey and the Augustine Institute team, Robert helped launch an incredible ministry to men resource called Heroic Men.  www.heroicmen.org

Robert explains why they use the term “ministry to men” rather than “men’s ministry” to avoid the possessive and inclusive nature of a “men’s ministry.”

To finish the show, Robert and the Dudes pray the Catholic Men’s Leadership Alliance Prayer.


Robert has more than 44 years of experience in the franchising industry and is widely known for his ability to grow companies. He served as Executive Vice President of Neighborly (formerly The Dwyer Group) from 1998 to 2019. For seven years, he was the President of Glass Doctor, a 30-year-old company. He also served as President and CEO of Neighborly/The Dwyer Group and President of Mr. Rooter Corporation, one of Neighborly’s companies.  

In 1975, as a very young man, he opened his first franchise for Rainbow International Carpet Dyeing & Cleaning, a Neighborly company. After buying and selling four franchises, all for a handsome profit, he joined the home office in 1982. He began working for Rainbow International, which was to become Neighborly's flagship company.  

Until his retirement, Robert led the Franchise Development team in recruiting all new franchisees across the brands at Neighborly. He also took an active role in training new franchisees and had a gift for building long-term relationships with franchisees.

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