Universal Wisdom from Father of Nine (that also applies to YOU) | Brian Burch | Episode #080

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Episode #080

Title: Universal Wisdom from Father of Nine (that also applies to YOU) | Brian Burch | Episode #080


As a devoted husband, father of nine, and President and Founder of CatholicVote, Brian Burch provides a leading voice of faith and reason for the modern world and a witness to the beauty of big families. CatholicVote is an advocacy organization that inspires lay Catholics in America to live out the truths of our faith in public life.  

The episode starts with Brian sharing incredible details about his large family (nine kids) and the surprise set of twins that his wife delivered at the conclusion of their first pregnancy. Brian reflects on the sanctifying grace of parenthood as he also prepares to become a grandfather in the months ahead.

Brian talks about the work of Arthur Brooks and his book From Strength to Strength as he reflects on the second half of life, where wisdom and experience allow you to be a mentor to others.  Brian also highlights that kids who grow up in homes where fathers go to church are dramatically more likely to stay active in their faith as adults.  

In his parting advice to men, Brian encourages men to rediscover their role as men by owning our involvement in supporting our children and wives as we live out the complementarity of our marriage. He also encourages us to keep laughing and modeling joy as we journey through life.

On Blessed are the Joke Makers bonus edition, each of the Dudes takes on a different persona to address the prompt, “The newest Catholic podcast talks about _______.”

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