The Lord Sees You, Knows You, and Loves You | Mari Pablo | Episode #102

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Episode #102

Title:  The Lord Sees You, Knows You, and Loves You | Mari Pablo | Episode #102


The BeatiDudes are on location at the DCYC and proudly welcome Mari Pablo, the second female guest to the show.  Mari provides the Dudes with insight about her keynote talk on the Eucharist and delivers a message that is both simple and profound as she reminds us that knowing Jesus is the most important step to living out our faith daily.  

Mari Pablo grew up in a devout, always supportive, boisterous Hispanic family in South Florida. She graduated from Franciscan University with a double major in theology and psychology and holds a Master of Theology from the Augustine Institute. She has worked in youth ministry for over 15 years, including as a youth minister in New Orleans and a high school theology teacher in Miami. She is currently serving parishes and universities across the country with The Evangelical Catholic.

Mari is a presenter for Ascension Press in numerous projects, including the YOU-Theology of the Body program for teens, The 99- An evangelization mission series, Connected- Catholic Social Teaching for this generation, Bible Timeline, Chosen- Confirmation and Ascension presents. Mari is well known for her dynamic presentations at the annual Steubenville Youth Conferences, NCYC, NET, Life Teen events, FOCUS conference, diocesan events, and more. Mari has a deep love for food but an even greater love for Christ and is dedicated to helping others encounter Him.

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