The GREAT GOD Debates that Lead to Conversion | Jeremy Robinson | Episode #035

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Episode #035

Title:The GREAT GOD Debates that Lead to Conversion | Jeremy Robinson | Episode #035


Jeremy Robinson is the co-founder and CEO of Cardboard Spaceship, a thriving full-service video production company in Dallas. With decades of experience as a marketing executive, Jeremy's expertise spans the development and execution of successful commercial strategies, marketing initiatives, and operational plans for a diverse array of businesses, ranging from startups to Fortune 1000 companies. Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, he has founded several highly successful companies, collectively generating over $100 million in revenue.

Since its inception, Cardboard Spaceship has forged strong partnerships with the world's leading ad agencies, including WPP, Omnicom, and Publicis, while developing content for esteemed brands like Mercedes, Google, IBM, Canon, Gillette, Marriott, American Airlines, and many more. Cardboard Spaceship continues to push the boundaries of video production, marrying imagination with sophistication to deliver unparalleled visual experiences that captivate audiences across the globe.

As a father of two, Jeremy starts the show by reflecting on fatherhood and the impact of modeling virtue. Then the Dudes dive into Jeremy’s spiritual journey covering several religious traditions and a fun story of his own ordination as a minister prior to coming into communion with the Catholic church.

In 2014, Jeremy faced a spiritual crisis in his journey that was centered around 1 Peter 3:15. He wanted to always be able to give a defense of his faith to anybody at any time and decided to take on the antithesis of his own arguments as part of this study.   During the proceeding years, God placed several men in Jeremy’s life that helped to form him for the next step, including Bishop Robert Baron in the Great God Debates series.

Jeremy completed RCIA and entered the church on the Easter vigil in 2022.

After a spiritually powerful start to the show, the Dudes compete on Blessed are the Joke Makers using the persona of a Sour School Teach to address the prompt, “Youth ministers love talking about _____.”

After the break, Jeremy shares the fascinating story of his company’s rebrand efforts to land on the new name Cardboard Spaceship.  

This episode’s TBD question asks the Dudes and Jeremy to reflect on a time when each person was faced with a fight or flight moment, and they chose to run away.

This week’s Reverse Simpsons is a special Silly Soda Sampler challenge in which Jeff presents Jeremy, Paul, and Nick with 3 very interesting food-flavored drinks to see if they can collectively determine each one.  

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