Revealing the FACE of God | Fr. Andrew Dalton | Episode #082

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Episode #082

Title:  Revealing the FACE of God | Fr. Andrew Dalton | Episode #082


Fr. Andrew Dalton is a Catholic priest of the Legionaries of Christ and professor of theology at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum in Rome. He teaches the Synoptic Gospels and Biblical Greek and Hebrew and has become a leading international voice on the Shroud of Turin.

On this Bonus episode of The BeatiDudes, Fr. Dalton reflects on his journey to the priesthood, which includes an incredible college chapter during which he served as the Georgia Tech Mascot “Buzz” and powerful Holy Spirit nudges from a friend who ended up on a reality TV show on MTV.

Fr. Andrew also goes deep into the suffering his family endured as he pursued his priestly vocation and the redemption, grace, and blessings that they received as his priesthood continued. He recalls the stories of breaking his father’s heart and then the unconditional love his father showed him in support of his priesthood.  

On Blessed are the Joke Makers, the Dudes must take on the persona of a Drunk Uncle to address the prompt, “_________, a near occasion of sin.”

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