NAVY SEAL Anointed and Sealed in the Holy Spirit | Conor Donahue | Episode #127

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After serving as a United States Navy SEAL, Conor Donahue continues to apply his unique blend of faith, fortitude, and focus to serve in his roles as a husband, father, parish leader, and business owner. Conor grew up in northern Virginia with a strong faith foundation.  He shares his fascinating journey to join the Navy SEALS by taking us back through his childhood and early teen years. Conor had moments and mentors that caused him to see a clear pathway for his life and to go “all in”. During his nine years of active duty, Conor’s dating life turned into an engagement, marriage, and parenthood. He shares his appreciation for the support that service members receive while also acknowledging the silent sacrifice that military families endure behind the scenes.    Conor closes the show by sharing his view of marriage and fatherhood by comparing the guardian role of a man to that of a sheepdog. Show segments: On Blessed are the Joke Makers, the Dudes must take on the persona of a constant complainer to address the prompt, “Youth ministers love talking about ______.” TBD Question of the Day – What title would you use if there was a book about your life? The Reverse Simpsons is “Can you hold your breath longer than a Navy SEAL?”

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