Looks Like We Made It, Season Two Finale| The BeatiDudes | Episode #100

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Episode #100

Title: Looks Like We Made It, Season Two Finale| The BeatiDudes | Episode #100


The end of Season Two of The BeatiDudes is here, and we are serving up a special double-header for your double pleasure. This is the longest episode in history…. actually, this is two different recording sessions spliced together to form a finale worthy of serving as the exclamation mark to Season Two.

First, The BeatiDudes reflect on Season Two and their first trip around the sun together.

Then, each Dude takes turns surprising the others with a series of TBD Questions for all to answer.  

TBD Question #1: What is something from your life or a moment that you wish you could change or do-over?

TBD Question #2 – What is something you are proud of in your life that you caused to happen?

TBD Question #3: What is one thing your wife would like us to change about The BeatiDudes podcast?

After TBD, The BeatiDudes surprise call music legend Dave Moore for a quick check-in and a dive into the thought process behind Dave’s masterpiece 80s rock anthem about The BeatiDudes.

Then the Dudes enter a super special bonus edition of Blessed are the Joke Makers, with each Dude getting their own prompt and five different characters to play.

As the show gets ready to wrap up, Superfan “Christopher in the Comments” surprises the Dudes by knocking on the door and joining the show.  He shares his reflection on Season Two and provides the final point totals.

The show ends with Christopher joining in for a round of Blessed are the Joke Makers, in which they must all assume the persona of the Angriest Road-Rager to address the prompt, “You know you’re Catholic when you love talking about _____.”

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