Living with the SINS OF OUR FATHERS | with Steve LaMure | Episode #043

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Episode #043

Title:Living with the SINS OF OUR FATHERS | with Steve LaMure | Episode #043


Disclaimer – This show contains sensitive content related to child molestation. Please use caution when listening and be sure that you and others are in a place to hear this difficult discussion.

Steve LaMure is a BeatiDude through and through. He has a wonderful family and a successful commercial real estate company in Dallas, Texas.

Steve steps out in courage during this episode to share the difficult story of his family’s dark past, including the criminal acts of child molestation committed by his father.  This is a story of hurt, anger, fear, and anxiety through which Steve finds faith, purpose, and a call to serve and love others.

In the second half of the show, the Dudes play Blessed are the Joke Makers and they must take on the persona of a Video Game Addict to address the prompt, “I would like ____ for Christmas.”

The TBD question of the day – What is your relationship with your guardian angel? How is that going right now?

For this episode’s Reverse Simpsons, the Dudes attempt to stump Steve in a game of Two Truths and a Lie.

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