KICKED OUT of Seminary Due to Start-Up Success | Nathan Pinto | Episode #053

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Episode #053

Title:KICKED OUT of Seminary Due to Start-Up Success | Nathan Pinto | Episode #053


At nineteen years old, Nathan Pinto dropped to his knees and asked God to prove that He was a loving and caring God by addressing a series of 10 questions. If God was able to address these questions, Nathan promised to commit the rest of his life to God.  As Nathan recalls, the answers came, and Nathan found himself slowly becoming less wild and more holy.  

Halfway through college, Nathan jokingly prayed during the last rivalry football game between Texas A&M and the University of Texas that he would finish his education at whichever school won the game. Texas A&M lost on a last-second field goal, and Nathan soon transferred. He is known to be intense.

That intensity thread continues throughout Nathan’s rollercoaster journey of discernment and entrepreneurship that you must hear to believe.  Nathan’s story includes launching a startup with his students while teaching at a Jesuit prep school, creating a retail marketplace for goat meat, taking on the payday loan issues, and eventually launching the company that consumes a large part of his current focus, a financial tech company called Credit Mountain.

On Blessed are the Joke Makers, the dudes must take on the persona of a legendary rock star to address the prompt, “Love is patient, love is kind, love is _______.”  

The TBD Question on the day – When was a time that you misjudged a situation, and then when you learned more, your perspective shifted entirely?

The show closes with a reverse Simpsons, during which the Dudes try to impress Nathan with new business names and taglines.

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