José and the Synod | José Manuel De Urquidi | Episode #090

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Title: | José and the Synod | José Manuel De Urquidi | Episode #090


José Manuel De Urquidi is the founder of Juan Diego & Co., a group dedicated to helping brands and organizations connect with Latinos. After realizing early success and serving a niche in the podcast market, José left everything to start Juan Diego Network and create high-quality audio productions for Latinos.  Juan Diego Network was recognized early on for its impact and won the 2020 OSV Innovation Challenge

In 2023, José was nominated by the Latin American Bishop Conference and appointed by the Holy Father as a non-bishop voting delegate in the month-long Synod sessions of October 2023 and October 2024 in the Vatican. In this episode of the BeatiDudes, José explains the basics of a Synod, how the process works, and why it matters.

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