JESUS & SLURPEES | Oh Thank Heaven For 7-Eleven, and David Colletti | Episode #045

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Episode #045

Title:JESUS & SLURPEES | Oh Thank Heaven For 7-Eleven, and David Colletti | Episode #045


David Colletti is a loving husband, father, and people-focused leader driving outsized impact through a culture of extraordinary teams built on character, magnanimity, authenticity, integrity, and purpose.

In his role as Vice President of Strategic Sourcing, Integration, and M&A for convenience store giant, 7-Eleven, Colletti is a strategic and transformational executive who identifies, builds, develops, and leads teams and individuals to achieve extraordinary results and drives uncommon impact.

The show starts with the Dudes slurping up a 7-Eleven history lesson from David. Quickly, we learn that Colletti was drawn to his first job on 7-Eleven’s legal team because of the Jesus conversations he had when discussing servant leadership during his interviews.  

BIG MOMENT - On Blessed are the Joke Makers, the Dudes must take on the persona of a Brainiac Know-It-All to address the prompt “You know you’re Catholic when you love talking about ______.” But there is a twist - - this version of the game is worth 711 points, and the results may change the Season One scoreboard completely.

On TBD, David and the Dudes answer the question of the day, “What is something that makes you mad.”

And to wrap up the show with another Reverse Simpsons, the Dudes play a homegrown version of “Catch Phrase.” Nick and Paul take turns trying to get David to guess as many words or phrases as possible out of 10 possible during the one-minute and 33-second timer.

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