It’s Raining CATechisms and DOGmas| Aaron Fowler | Episode #111

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Episode #111

Title:  It’s Raining CATechisms and DOGmas| Aaron Fowler | Episode #111


From being originally christened into the occult as a baby to being fully baptized into the Catholic church as a child, Aaron Fowler shares the surprising journey of his life.

Aaron is the Executive Director for Bloom Pregnancy Help Center, previously Birth Choice,  in Dallas, Texas. Bloom actively promotes the culture of life and accompanies families as they seek to do the same. As he says, “I am just a dad and a farmer, running a pregnancy center.”

Aaron’s pathway to nonprofit leadership was anything but typical. In high school, Aaron’s family moved to the country, where he learned to play guitar. When he returned to the city, he used those skills to play in a few bands in Dallas.

Through his parents’ prayers and the conversion of his grandmother during her last year of life, Aaron was inspired to seek to understand his own faith.  Aaron had an incredible moment when he picked up a theology manual from Ludwig Ott, and somehow everything clicked.

Aaron then joined the Franciscans of the Immaculate in Italy during his discernment of the priesthood. During this time, he was also fighting through his initial contraction of Lime disease. His health conditions ultimately helped to complete his discernment as Aaron left religious life.

Aaron and his wife have four boys and are pregnant with their 5th child.

On Blessed are the Joke Makers, the Dudes must take on the persona of Crazy Cat Lover to address the prompt, “The next council will be in response to ________.”

The TBD Question of the Day: What is a trait you got from your mother?

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