INNOVATION and the CATHOLIC CHURCH | Jason Deuterman, OSV Institute | Episode #040

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Episode #040

Title:INNOVATION and the CATHOLIC CHURCH | Jason Deuterman, OSV Institute | Episode #040


Jason Deuterman is back for this BeatiDudes bonus episode. In addition to being a loving father and husband, Jason Deuterman serves as the Director of Strategic Consulting and Innovation Design for Our Sunday Visitor.

The show begins with a special Blessed are the Joke Makers Bonus Edition in which each of the Dudes takes on different personas that Jason must try to guess as they address the prompt, “St Nicholas brought ________ to kids for Christmas for the first time.”

Then we learn about Jason’s innovative approach to strategic ministry development for customized parish and diocese solutions during his time with the Diocese of Dallas. His passion for creating ideas and solutions from scratch led him to explore design thinking.

It was this newfound passion that brought him to OSV, one of the most innovative and impactful organizations in the church today. In his current role, Jason fosters and encourages entrepreneurial church leadership for organizations throughout the United States.  

You will love hearing Jason’s reflection on curiosity as the gateway to empathy and his closing encouragement to everyone in ministry.

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