HOLY HUMOR | The BeatiDudes Share a Season One Lookback at the First 48 | Episode #049

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Episode #049

Title:HOLY HUMOR | The BeatiDudes Share a Season One Lookback at the First 48 | Episode #049


The BeatiDudes is a religiously funny talk show that takes a holy and humorous approach to being a Christian man in the modern world.  This Catholic show combines prayer, wit, wisdom, and everything in between as the BeatiDudes interview guests each week.

This week includes two special episodes featuring the BeatiDudes only as they reflect on the first season of the show, highlighting the funniest and most formative moments along the way.

Special thanks to all the Season One guests - - Fr. Edwin Leonard, Dr. Jonathan Sanford, Dave Moore, Edmund Mitchell, Fr. Ken Geraci, Giancarlo Bernini, Scott Williams, John Cannon, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Anthony D’Ambrosio, Todd Storch, Chris McMahon, Jeremy Robinson, Matt Reynolds, Brett Attebery, John Heinen, Peter Blute, Steve Kass, Steve LaMure, Alex Trevino, Mike Neri, Jason Deuterman, David Colletti, and Jason Shanks.

For this special Reverse Simpsons, The BeatiDudes tell a “very exciting story,” during which Paul directs each person to start and stop talking as the story unfolds. The cards that were selected as prompts for this story include “a fed-up waiter from TGI Fridays” and the “newest hit hymn to hit the church is ________.”

Did it turn out to be a very exciting story?

Let us know in the comments.


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