Hip-Hop Music and the HOLY Spirit | Joel Stepanek | Episode #084

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Episode #084

Title: Hip-Hop Music and the HOLY Spirit | Joel Stepanek | Episode #084


Joel Stepanek is the Chief Operating Officer for the National Eucharistic Congress and an avid fan of great music.  After stumbling across the band Black-Eyed Peas in 2001, Joel created a website about the group and their upbeat, positive style of hip-hop music. His work was noticed early on by the band, and they soon reached out to Joel to offer him news, updates, and backstage passes for his fan site.  As high school progressed, Joel stopped updating the site just a bit before the Black-Eyed Peas became a worldwide phenomenon.

However, the lessons of Joel’s connection to the band did not end with the website. Instead, Joel realized that his love for music and its ability to transform the people who hear it paled in comparison to the similar impact that ministry could have on the world and that is why he dropped his other career pursuits to focus on the sharing the greatest thing of all, the Gospel.

Joel is also an author with several books under his belt, covering many topics, including humility, authentic masculinity, and discernment. He explains that discernment is the ability to listen and respond to the interior movements of the Holy Spirit in our heart, and it requires a spiritual “affective”ness and an emotional “affective”ness.

Joel’s closing message to men to close out the show concludes with three questions to ask each day:

What are you creating?

What are you cultivating?

What are you protecting?

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