God’s Invitation to the Priesthood | Fr. Peter Pomposello| Episode #106

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Episode #106

Title:  God’s Invitation to the Priesthood | Fr. Peter Pomposello| Episode #106


The BeatiDudes welcome back Fr. Peter Pomposello, a Roman Catholic Priest with the Archdiocese for the Military Services who is currently operating as a Priest Recruiter.  Known online as Fr. Uncle Sam, Fr. Peter is on a mission to bring more priests and seminarians to serve in the United States Army and United States Army Reserves as Catholic Priest Chaplains.

As a priest in the Army, Fr. Pomposello jumped out of airplanes in Alaska, deployed to the Middle East to minister to Soldiers in harm's way, and had the joy of celebrating many masses, weddings, and baptisms for the Soldiers and Families of the US Army.

Fr. Peter shares his calling to the Priesthood with the BeatiDudes, weaving together the stories of God’s message in his life through various people and events.  

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