Dream BIG | Tom Varano | Episode #094

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Episode #094

Title:Dream BIG | Tom Varano | Episode #094


Tom Varano is a motivational speaker, painter, and a man of great faith. Through his company, Emotion Into Art, Tom presents an extremely unique Speed Painting and Inspirational speaking performance. This is a nationally recognized show with the goal of inspiring students of all ages to not only follow their dreams but to follow them with PASSION! The performance entertains and captures the students’ attention, while the microphone allows Tom to speak a message of hope and encouragement into their lives.

This show starts with the TBD Question of the Day, “Tell us a story about forgiveness or redemption." You won’t want to miss the powerful answers.

Tom shares one of his inspirational messages for young people, driving them to think BIG.  BIG is an acronym for the Books they read, the Individuals they are surrounded by, and the Goals they set for themselves.

This bonus show is the first time the Dudes have ever saved their Reverse Simpsons for the Friday show, and this one is a doozy!!

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