Catholic Executive CHARMS Future Wife with Myspace Message | with David Colletti | Episode #046

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Episode #046

Title:Catholic Executive CHARMS Future Wife with Myspace Message | with David Colletti | Episode #046


David Colletti is a loving husband, father, and people-focused leader driving outsized impact through a culture of extraordinary teams built on character, magnanimity, authenticity, integrity, and purpose.

Colletti is Senior Vice President of Real Estate and Mergers & Acquisitions for 7-Eleven, Inc. He is responsible for all store growth and integration in the U.S. and Canada, including new store builds, acquisitions and integration, store development in partnership with the Construction team, and managing the company’s extensive portfolio of physical assets to ensure they deliver maximum value to 7-Eleven.

Colletti serves on the board of the DFW Retail Executives Association. He received a dual-degree Bachelor of Arts from The Catholic University of America and his Juris Doctor from George Washington University Law School.

The show kicks off with Blessed are the Joke Makers Bonus Edition, in which each of the Dudes must take on a different persona to address the prompt, “Other things Abraham could have sacrificed.”


Next, we learn about Colletti’s work on Lionheart, a brand that brings Catholic men together in masculinity and holiness.  That leads to the story of Colletti meeting his wife on the set of the movie Bella. You won’t want to miss the tale of their courtship.

Then Colletti shares the background details of Hope Supply, the number one charity that works behind the scenes to support all other charities that help the homeless population in Dallas.

Be sure to check into Lionheart Catholic and Hope Supply.

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