BeatiDudes or Be-BAD-a-DUDES? | Steve LaMure of Dominus Commercial | Episode #044

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Episode #044

Title:BeatiDudes or Be-BAD-a-DUDES? | Steve LaMure of Dominus Commercial | Episode #044

Notes:Steve LaMure is a BeatiDude through and through. He has a wonderful family and a successful commercial real estate company, Dominus Commercial, in Dallas, Texas. He also owns various other companies, including a new restaurant in Glen Rose, Texas, called Whisky Woods.  

The episode starts with Blessed are the Joke Makers Bonus edition, and each Dude must take on different personas to address the prompt, “In their spare time, priests think about ________.”

Steve dives into a reflection on the vocation of the business leader and our obligation to always walk the ethical line.  He shares examples of where others in his industry are drawn into unethical decisions.

When Steve named his company back in 2000, he tried to find a Latin version of Servant Leadership and landed on the name Dominus, meaning Lord.  We talked about the role of faith in the workplace and how to be a living witness to others while still accepting people of all backgrounds.

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