A Near Occasion of COMEDY | Joe Conditt | Episode #088

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Episode #088

Title: A Near Occasion of COMEDY | Joe Conditt | Episode #088


Joe Condit is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of the Catholic Speakers Organization (CSO). Since its inception in 2006, the company has become the largest Catholic-focused speakers bureau in the world - spreading the Word of God by promoting and representing professional speakers of Faith that do it best. The Catholic Speakers Organization represents and books 400+ diocesan approved Catholic speakers all over the world for any type of event or public appearance enriching communities everywhere.

In addition, Joe is also the producer, director and chairman of the National Catholic Men’s Conference, an annual event held in Cincinnati, Ohio to help men of all ages and faiths grow closer in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Joe gets vulnerable on this episode sharing the details of his childhood and his ongoing battle with Lyme Disease. He goes on to encourage men to stop putting on a mask and to be real about whatever life stage they are experiencing. The more we address our problems, the more likely we are to find solutions through community and authentic fraternity. Joe’s message – You are not in this alone.

On Blessed are the Joke Makers, Bonus Edition, the Dudes must each portray a different persona to address the prompt, “The best pilgrimages offer ____ to its pilgrims.”

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